Lokta Paper Twine from handmade Lokta Paper

About Lokta Paper

Handcrafted in the Himalayas and used anciently for sacred texts, Lokta paper has been a staple of Nepalese artisans for centuries. The paper is made from Lokta bushes which grow on the southern slopes of the Nepali Himalayas between 5,250 and 13,000 feet.

Strips of the fibrous inner-bark are “cooked” in vats to soften and create a pulp that is spread over boxed screens and set to dry on the Himalayan sunshine. Lokta bushes regrow quickly after being cut which make them a renewable source for the paper.

About Lokta Paper Twine

A special tissue-thin lokta paper is created for the twine and is then cut into 1 inch strips. The strips are then twisted together using a small wooden spinning wheel, similar to what Mahatma Gandhi used for spinning. 

The finished lokta twine is then measured and spun by machine into the uniquely patterned ball of twine. Due to the handmade nature, lokta twine thickness can vary somewhat, making each one unique.

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