Lokta Paper Stationery Gift Box Set

Kathmandu Valley Co. Stationery Boxed Set Cornflower

Handmade in the Himalayas

Send a Special Message with Handmade Stationery

Whether for a special thank you note, wedding or special event announcement, or simply a note to say high, handmade lokta stationery is the perfect way to add something special to your message.

Artisans in Nepal have been crafting lokta paper for over one-thousand years. The paper comes from the inner bark of lokta bushes which grow high in the Himalayan Mountains.

Cuttings from the lokta bush are cooked into a pulpy mash and then spread by hand over boxed screens and set out to dry in the Himalayan sun. The fibers fuse creating one of the world’s most unique papers.

When cut, the bushes quickly regrow, making lokta paper an eco-firendly, tree-free paper.

Tree-Free Paper

Created from the inner fibers of lokta bushes that grow natively in the Himalayas of Nepal, creating a beautiful texture.

30 Envelopes, 50 Sheets

The boxed stationery set includes 30 handmade lokta envelopes with 50 card stock sheets of A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inch)  lokta paper.


Lokta bushes regrow quickly after being cut, regaining full height in 5-7 years, making lokta paper a renewable source.

Kathmandu Valley Co. Stationery Gift Box Fern Leaf

Tough Yet Soft Handmade Paper

Nature’s Texture

Lokta Paper has a natural texture to it due to the hand-crafting process. Flecks from the outer bark can be seen in the paper making each page unique and special and giving it that antique paper look and feel.

One side of the paper is relatively smooth where the paper formed against the boxed screen. You can even see the tiny crisscross pattern created by the screen. The reverse side has a natural texture to it, and is the “sun-kissed” side.

Unique Styles

The Cornflower Stationery Set features real cornflower petals (cornflower pictured). The petals are added to the lokta envelopes and lokta paper that covers the gift box as the paper is being made.

The pattern on the Fern Leaf boxed set is created by placing small fern leaves over the paper when it is dyed, creating the fern leaf pattern. Each box will be unique!

The Rainbow Squares is made with various colors applied by hand. In each set, the writing paper is our card stock paper with deckled edges.

Kathmandu Valley Co. Stationery Gift Box Set Rainbow Squares

Multi-use Paper

Lokta Card Stock Paper

The stationery paper is A5 size which measures about 5.8 x 8.3 inches, perfect for special notes, announcements or invitations.

The paper is made from lokta card stock which is about two times as thick as our standard lokta paper.

The paper has a beautiful deckle (rough/feather) edge and can be used in printers (recommended feeding one sheet at a time).

In hand, the paper has an almost fabric feel to it due to the lokta fibers.

Handmade Boxed Set


50 lokta card stock sheets with deckled edges and 30 handmade lokta envelopes with cornflower petals and matching gift/storage box.

Handmade Boxed Set

Fern Leaf

50 lokta card stock sheets with deckled edges and 30 handmade lokta envelopes, and storage box with handmade fern leaf pattern.

Handmade Boxed Set

Rainbow Squares

50 lokta card stock sheets with deckled edges and 30 handmade lokta envelopes, and storage box with multi-color pattern.

Thank You for Supporting Nepali Artisans

Thank you for helping to preserve a 1,000-year-old tradition in Nepali paper making.