Handmade Lokta Wrapping Paper

Fantastic Fan Natural Lokta Wrapping Paper - Kathmandu Valley Co.

Handmade in the Himalayas

Wrap your Gift in Something Truly Special

Handmade Lokta Wrapping Paper feels like no other paper. It’s soft, yet sturdy and makes a gift truly unique.

Following a 1,000-year-old tradition in paper making in Nepal, our natural Lokta Paper is the perfect alternative to regular tree-based wrapping paper.

Cuttings from the lokta bush are cooked into a pulpy mash and then spread by hand over boxed screens and set to dry in the Himalayan sun, forming one of the world’s finest tree-free papers.

Tree-Free Paper

A product of bushes (not trees) that grow natively in the Himalayas of Nepal.


Lokta Wrapping Paper is tough and can easily be reused.


Lokta bushes regrow quickly after being cut, regaining full height in 5-7 years.

Tough Yet Soft Handmade Paper

Handmade Gift Wrap Like No Other

Lokta paper has a unique feel to it sometimes compared to a fabric-like paper. The gift wrap measures 20 x 30 inches and comes in packs of 10 sheets.

Using Lokta paper is like stepping back in time and handling an important document. The paper is also great for crafts, hobbies, special occasions as well as for use in scrapbooking and origami.

thumb_01_60_60Pack of 10 Sheets

10 Sheets come rolled in each pack.

thumb_01_60_60Measures 20 x 30 Inches

Each individual sheet measures 20 x 30 inches.

Nature’s Texture

Lokta Paper has a natural texture to it due to the hand-crafting process. Flecks from the outer bark can be seen in the paper making each page unique and special and giving it that antique paper look and feel.

One side of the paper is relatively smooth where the paper formed against the boxed screen. You can even see the tiny crisscross pattern created by the screen. The reverse side has a natural texture to it, and is the “sun-kissed” side.

Multi-use Paper

Reusable Wrapping Paper

Lokta paper is tough and can easily be reused. In fact, many gift recipients choose to save this special wrapping for crafts or future wrapping projects.   

The paper is available with azo-free prints and solid colors as well as vegetable (plant-based) dyes. 

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Grey Feather

A beautiful white feather print on grey lokta paper.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Busy Bee

Nepal is famous for its honey hunters that brave steep cliffs to harvest honey. Honoring that tradition is this bee print on a beautiful honey yellow color.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Fantastic Fan (Natural)

Natural Golden – Natural Lokta Paper with a golden fan print, perfect for a special occasion. 

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Fantastic Fan (Dark Green)

A rich and dark green color reminiscent of the evergreens which grow high in the Himalayan Mountains.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Floral Flurry

A burst of color blossoms.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Magic Stars

The night is full of magic stars.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Shining Stars

A midnight sky full of shining stars. Perfect as holiday gift wrap.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Holiday Memories

Handmade wrapping paper perfect for the holidays. Give your gift with a special vintage feel.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Midnight Snowfall

Winter is coming with this midnight snowfall handmade lokta gift wrap print.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Forest Snowfall

Beautiful winter green Forest Snowfall print.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Midnight Blossom

A white and gold blossom pattern on dark blue.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Royal Henna

A beautiful henna pattern on royal blue.

Solid Colors

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Dark Green

A rich and dark green color reminiscent of the evergreens which grow high in the Himalayan Mountains.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Regal Red

Perfect for Holidays, Regal Red makes for a great gift wrap.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Royal Blue

Royal Blue is perfect wrapping paper for that special occasion or project.

Handmade Wrapping Paper

Natural (Epic)

Natural Lokta paper (no coloring or dyes) made with our extra thick “Epic” lokta paper.

Also Available with

Natural Dyes

Vegetable (plant-based) dyes provide a beautiful option for the wrapping paper. Vegetable dyes can vary slightly in color from season to season.

Vegetable Dyed

Natural Dye


The rich yellow color is derived from Natural Saffron, a traditional dye dating back centuries in the Himalayas. Deep saffron color is often associated with sacrifice and a “quest for light.”

Natural Dye


Lokta paper with a beautiful light green color created from the natural sarne vegetable dye.

Natural Dye

Madder Root

One of the oldest vegetable dyes in the world, used for centuries in Turkey, Iran, and India and is used to give the paper its distinctive color.

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