Handmade Lokta Paper Deluxe Washi Japanese Method by Kathmandu Valley Co.

Create vintage wedding invitations, announcements, thank you notes, with natural, handmade lokta paper.

The Best of Both Worlds – Combining Techniques

Handmade Paper Making Process from Nepal

Deluxe Handmade Lokta Paper takes the tradition of handmade lokta paper from Nepal and utilizes the special Washi or Japanese paper technique to achieve a handmade paper like no other.

Lokta cuttings are collected from lokta bushes found in the high Himalayas of Nepal. Strips of the inner lokta bark are separated into fine fibers.

Mixed with water, the fibers are caught as a watery film on a thin bamboo net.

Lokta Paper Production Process

The Washi or Japanese technique for making lokta paper has been a wonderful addition to the honored tradition of lokta paper production in Nepal. The word washi is derived from “wa” (Japanese) and “shi” (paper).

The lokta film is dried against a flat metal sheet, creating a smooth side on both sides of the paper.

Dried in the Himalayan Sunshine

Discover Handmade Lokta Paper from Nepal

Lokta bushes quickly regrow after being cut, making it a renewable source for the lokta paper. The paper is acid-free and is a great paper for creating natural labels, printing inserts, as decorative paper, or other fun projects.

Utilizing this special Japanese technique, the Washi Method creates a Deluxe Handmade Lokta Paper like no other paper in the world!

5x7 Inch deluxe handmade lokta card stock for vintage wedding announcements

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