There’s nothing quite like unwrapping a gift, whether it’s for a wedding, holiday, birthday, or other special occasion.

The problems with modern wrapping paper

Yes, some wrapping paper is reusable, and technically, most wrapping paper can be reused if the gift is opened carefully.

But there’s a problem with most modern wrapping paper: it’s used once, and then thrown away.

Another problem is that whether it’s reusable or not, most wrapping paper is tree based, requiring a tree to be cut down.

What if there was a better and eco-friendly wrapping paper?

First off, a better wrapping paper would need to not kill trees.

Second, it should inspire re-use. Many wrapping papers are sold as reusable, but that’s up to the recipient of the gift.

What if, the wrapping paper was special enough, that most recipients would want to reuse it, or save it for special projects?

Tree-free, Handmade, Lokta Wrapping Paper from Nepal

Natural Lokta Wrapping Paper
“Magic Stars” Lokta Wrapping Paper Print

Tree-Free Wrapping Paper

Eco-friendly wrapping paper from Nepal called Lokta paper is tree free.

It’s made from cuttings of the lokta bush. The bush quickly regrows after being cut, making it a sustainable source for wrapping paper.

Lokta Natural Wrapping Paper - Saffron
Lokta Paper dyed with Real Saffron

Reusable Wrapping Paper – A Story Worth Sharing

Lokta paper is handmade in Nepal following a 1,000-year-old tradition in paper making. Strips from the lokta bush’s inner bark are cooked in large pots which separates out the fibers.

This fibrous pulp is then spread by hand across boxed screens and set out to dry in the Himalayan sunshine.

Lokta paper is still used in Nepal for official government documents, and is one of the world’s finest handmade papers.

The feel of lokta paper, and its story helps make lokta wrapping paper a reusable wrapping paper. The lokta paper story helps inspire reuse and a desire to treasure the paper. It’s distinctive feel (almost like a fabric), augments the paper’s beauty.

Lokta Paper Natural Wrapping Paper
“Grey Feather” Lokta Wrapping Paper Print

Give Something Special

Happy Holidays from Kathmandu Valley Co.

Give that special gift a little extra touch with eco-friendly wrapping paper by Kathmandu Valley Co.