Butter Lamps (or Butter Candles) are something you may see regularly at many temples and homes in Nepal.

Nepal Butter Candles in Kathmandu

“The light from the flame of a butter candle symbolizes the wisdom of the awakened mind, dispelling the darkness of delusion and mental obscuration.” (Boss Nepal)

The lamps burn Yak butter, vegetable oil or ghee, and the burning of the lamps, or candles, is to help focus the mind and aid in meditation. (See Wikipedia: Butter Lamp for more info).

Lighting the lamps dispels darkness in a literal sense, but the process also symbolizes enlightenment by taking something without light (the butter) and turning it into light.

Whether or not you have a physical lamp of your own to light, take a moment to seek the personal light by taking a deep, calming breath.

Some may choose to record their journey towards personal enlightenment, may we humbly suggest the Namaste Journal as a great place to start.