Our handmade nepalese lokta paper is tree-free and made from the renewable lokta bush. Bushes are cut for the paper and grow back quickly.

Uses for Lokta Paper

Lokta paper can be used as handmade wrapping paper, handmade printer & craft paper, or for handmade journals.

The handmade nature of lokta paper makes each page so unique and precious where each page is special.

Saving the Trees

There’s other papers that make up an important part of people’s lives that even though produced on a large scale, are much more eco-friendly than tree-based papers. Toilet paper and paper towels.

National Geographic reports that eighty percent of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests.

Deforestation happens not only for the world’s use of tree-based paper products, but also due to farming, fire, development, and animal grazing.

That’s why we like efforts by companies to produce tree-free products that people cycle-through on a regular basis.

Other Great Eco-Friendly Papers

So, a quick shoutout to a company that is making strides in the toilet paper and paper towel arena Note, we have no relationship with the Grove company. We just want to celebrate the effort to make the world a better place.

You can learn more about the Grove company’s eco-friendly paper products here. Caboo also provides tree-free household paper products.

Thank you for being Eco-Conscious

Thank you for choosing products that are made with purpose to help make our world a better place.