Catalogue your adventures with the Nepali Traveler Journal.

Headed abroad or just seeking a place to capture your most important thoughts, the Nepali Traveler is the perfect companion.

Capture your travels in the journal, but don’t limit it to just travels abroad. Hikes, and trips to enjoy nature, thoughts on life, and sketches of your favorite places or people make a great addition to the Nepali Traveler.

The paper comes from the Lokta bush–a non-tree paper source that grows in the high himalayas of Nepal.

The inner bark is stripped and cooked into a mash.

The fibers are then placed by hand on a boxed screen and dried in the sun on the mountainside creating one of the toughest non-tree papers in the world.

The paper is carried down the mountain by pack animals and hand-sewn into the water buffalo leather creating one of the most unique journals available.

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