Many of you may have seen the drone footage that was posted online of the destruction caused by the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25, 2015.

That footage has now been put together into a documentary.

Here is the short trailer for the film:

The need is still very great in Nepal.

The film maker’s website is where donations made go to help rebuilding Nepal with “temporary classrooms, sustainable shelters and clean water for families that will get them through the monsoon.”

From the Nepal Rises website:

A day after Nepal’s massive earthquake local resident Brijendra Joshi noticed those affected were in dire need of supplies but were not getting connected to resources for help. He wanted to change that, he organized six of his smartest friends with one simple goal; connect those in need to those to life saving supplies. Leveraging technology and data their team was able to understand the need and amassed over 300 volunteers to deliver supplies to the most affected areas in Nepal. The team joined forces with US based nonprofit and Nepal Rises was born.

There are many opportunities to contribute and charitable organizations striving to help. If you have a favorite charity such as the Red Cross, Choice Humanitarian, or other charity please consider contributing.

When news of the earthquake spread, we were so concerned for our friends in Kathmandu. Fortunately, they were okay, but many were not so lucky. Rebuilding takes time and much effort and the monsoons make it difficult.

Another way to contribute is to share on social media or simply mentioning to those you know that the need is great in Nepal. You can also share the video above.

We cannot do everything, but we can do something.