Nepali Trekker Tiger Stripe Rustic Leather Journal by Kathmandu Valley Co.

Sometimes, let’s face it, you just need to go on an adventure.

But in today’s Insta-culture, Instagram, instant-replay, and instant meals, there’s an allure that calls to tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people every day, the need to take the time and jot down an experience in a journal.

Here’s the top three reasons to not only keep a journal, but to keep an Adventure Journal.

#1. An Adventure Journal will help you have More Adventures

What you focus on, expands, or in other words, what you choose to spend time focusing on, you get more of that thing.

Focus on what you worry about, and you get more worries, literally. Focus on the adventures in your life, and you’ll start to notice the adventures you have each day, big and small.

#2. An Adventure Journal can make your Brain Happier

The blank page beckons.

If you have a journal specifically set aside for adventures, your subconscious will want to have those pages filled. It just won’t be able to resist, it’s futile. Go have an adventure, and write it down in the journal so you brain can be happy.

#3 An Adventure Journal is all about the Feels, and the Feels Feel Good.

Yes, you can take a bajillion pictures (bajillion is a real word, by the way). Yes, you can take a bajillion pictures, but then you need space to store them, and how often do you review your pictures from 10 years ago?

But writing down your feelings about your adventure, your impressions, and the twists and turns your adventure took requires a little more investment than just releasing the shutter on a camera, and the little bit extra effort pays off big time.

A picture my be worth a thousand words, but the power of just a few words of how the adventure affected you, made you feel, can never be captured on film.

It’s time to Leave Something more than a Slide Show of your Adventures.

Capture the moment in your own words, and realize the power that your own voice has to shape your life and your adventures.

Lokta Paper Journal by Kathmandu Valley Co.

One of our favorite picks for an adventure journal is our Nepali Trekker Journals with paper that is handmade in the Himalayas of Nepal from cuttings of the Lokta Bush, and with vegetable-dyed leather (using black walnut husks and mimosa bark).

Unique Journals for Unique Adventures.

Whatever journal you choose, the most important thing is to begin, and start having, and noticing, the adventures that await you.