Have you ever made a bowl sing?

Himalayan - Tibetan Singing Bowl

A Tibetan Singing Bowl, also called a Himalayan Bowl (most of them are made in Nepal), creates a rich tone when tapped with the mallet. But to make it sing…touch the felt portion of the mallet to the rim of the bowl, and then with a little pressure, circle around the bowl evenly.

The bowl will in fact start to sing.

It’s calming.

It’s beautiful.

Feel your song.

Below is a video of a small singing bowl. Larger bowls will give a deeper sound when played.

View the Video of a Himalayan Singing Bowl

It may look easy to play a singing bowl, but you’d be surprised at the skill it takes to get the bowl to sing.

Some mallets are all wood, while others have a felt or a leather wrap around one end. The wrap helps prevent the metallic skimming that sometimes occurs.

The sound is not harsh when the mallet skims, however with a felt covered mallet, the sound produced is pure and without the tinning.

Demonstration of How to Play a Singing Bowl

Each bowl is unique, but after you learn how to play one, playing bowls of different sizes comes more naturally.

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