It is said that the Kathmandu Valley was once a giant lake. When the waters receded, a lotus emerged which became the hill where the Swayambhu Stupa now sits.

Below is a nice video via “JOEJOURNEYS” which shows many of the features of the hill.

When the devastating earthquakes tore through Nepal in 2015, many temples and structures were badly damaged, and sadly, many lives were lost, nearly 9,000 by some accounts and injuring tens of thousands more.

As time has gone on, many have rebuilt their lives, ever changed. Many around the world have helped to rebuild Nepal. On difficult days, one can see that we can find resilience in connection, resilience in rebuilding together.

One of the beautiful reconstruction works in Nepal after the earthquake has been to the Mangal Bahudwar Chaitya aka Tashi Gomang Stupa. The findings in the stupa were a connection to the past.

The reconstruction is not limited to buildings and holy structures but to lives as well. Thank you for being a part of that.