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5×7″ Deluxe Handmade Lokta Paper – Great for Announcements, Invitations, and more!

Handmade Lokta Paper Deluxe Washi Japanese Method by Kathmandu Valley Co.

Handmade in the Himalayas of Nepal, our 5×7″ deluxe lokta card stock paper is great for making announcements, invitations, thank-you notes, and more.

Lokta wrapping paper is tree-free, made from the lokta bush, and is a renewable source for paper. The lokta bushes regrow quickly after being cut for the paper.

A fibrous mash of lokta pulp is spread by hand across boxed screens and set to dry in the Himalayan sunshine which dries and causes the paper fibers to interlock and bind together.

The new Deluxe lokta utilizes the time-honored Washi method to create a smoother side on both sides of the lokta paper.

5x7 Inch deluxe handmade lokta card stock for vintage wedding announcements

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Discover Deluxe Handmade Lokta Card Stock Paper from Kathmandu Valley Co.

Wrapping paper has never been this much fun

Handmade in the Himalayas of Nepal, lokta wrapping paper gives a gift something special, making the gift and the effort the care for the wrapping something to remember and cherish, just like the thought and effort gone into selecting the gift.

Natural Lokta Paper
Floral Flurry Print on Natural Lokta Paper

Feels Like No Other Paper

Lokta paper feels distinct from other papers because it doesn’t come from tree fibers and it isn’t processed with harsh chemicals like today’s papers.

The process is done by hand, creating a soft, yet rugged paper, perfect for wrapping.

Lokta Natural Wrapping Paper - Saffron
Plant-based dye using real saffron

Beautiful Designs with Lots of Personality

The wrapping paper comes in solid colors, colors derived from vegetable or plant-based dyes, or with beautiful prints.

Fantastic Fan Natural Lokta Wrapping Paper by Kathmandu Valley Co.

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