Father's Day Gifts - Leather Bound Journals

This Father’s Day, Give Something Personal

Our journals are Handmade in the Himalayas of Nepal, but what makes them even more unique is that the paper is handmade.

Take a moment to pen a personal message in your gift of a truly unique leather bound journal.

Handmade Paper Makes a Statement

Our paper comes from a non-tree, renewable source: the Lokta bush. The fibrous inner bark is cooked into a pulp and then spread by hand on boxed screens and set to dry in the Himalayan sun. The process causes the fibers to join, creating one of the toughest papers in the world, but with a natural texture that has been compared to fabric.

Gift Ideas for Dad - Everest Explorer Journal

Nepali Traveler Journal

Whether it’s a leather bound journal, a journal made with handmade wool felt, there’s plenty to choose from. Our Nepali Traveler Leather Bound and Wool Journals offer a unique gift.

Handmade Journal Gift Ideas for Father's Day