In honor of the majestic tiger’s comeback, here are 4 Fun Facts about Tigers.

1. Tigers Have Round Pupils

Ever wonder why the stare of a tiger is so entrancing? Tigers have circular pupils and not vertical pupil slights like other cats.

Tigers hunt during the day whereas other cats hunt at night.

2. White Tigers are not Albino

White tigers exist because of a recessive color variant and is found in Bengal tigers only.

3. A Tiger’s Roar can be Heard almost 2 Miles Away

Tigers use their roar to communicate with other tigers. Who needs a cell phone when you can roar to the next tiger 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) away?

4. An Estimated 163–253 Tigers live in Nepal

When you picture Nepal, perhaps you think of the rugged mountains and snowy slopes, but Nepal is home to jungles and tigers as well.

Honoring these majestic animals in Nepal, we have created the Tiger Stripe variation of our Trekker journal. Made from alternating strips of water buffalo leather, the Trekker Tiger Stripe is for the seeker of the unique.

View our Nepali Trekker Tiger Stripe Journal here.