There’s 364 other days to interact with technology. Take a little time off today, reduce your electricity usage. Meditate or even…

1. Go Outside

Enjoying the Earth

It’s a shocker, but it’s easier to spend all day inside. Go for a walk, or a hike, or simply stand in some sunshine and take a deep breath.

2. Connect with the Earth

Beautiful Earth

Plant a tree, cultivate something already growing, even enjoy the fruit of the earth by eating raw fruits and vegetables. Spend some time contemplating our planet and your place on it.

3. Do Some Good

Earth Friendly - Hello World

If you don’t normally recycle, check around you for things you’d normally throw away and recycle or reuse.

Pick up trash around your neighborhood.

4. Let Joy Shine Through

Nepalese Children

You are a part of this earth, and thus a part of what is celebrated on Earth Day. Let the joy that is in you shine, and share it with others. A beautiful world is made more beautiful with a smile.