Natural Lokta Printer Paper (Madder Root)

Natural Lokta Printer Paper (Madder Root)

Vegetable-dyed Printer & Craft Paper

Madder root as a dye has been used for centuries to produce various reds from an earthen, brown red, to rich, dark reds. It comes from the Rubia Cordifolia plant (among other varieties).

The plant’s roots contain an organic compound called Alizarin, that gives its red colour to a textile dye known as Rose madder. (Wikipedia)

Madder Root Vegetable Dye for Handmade Printer Paper

Unique Vintage Lokta Paper for Modern Use

Lokta paper is a tradition spanning a thousand years in the Himalayas. Fiber strippings are collected from the Lokta bush which grow on the Southern slopes of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal.

After being cut, the bush regrows quickly, making Lokta paper a sustainable, tree-free paper.

The strips of the inner bark are cooked into a fibrous mash which is then spread by hand over boxed screens. Set to dry in the sun, the fibers join together forming the paper.

Two Sides to Each Lokta Page

Because of this unique process, one side of the lokta paper is smoother than the other and has a very fine pattern to it due to facing the screen side while the paper formed.

The other side is the sun-kissed side which did not form against the screen and thus has much more texture and personality.

Natural Printer Paper Madder Root

Due to the manual and natural dyes, one side of the paper is often lighter than the other. This is because each large sheet is individually died and then placed on a flat backer to dry causing one side to naturally hold faster to the dye. Color can also vary from season to season due to the manual process of natural vegetable dyes.

Flecks from the exterior bark can still be seen in the paper which adds further character, making no two sheets exactly the same.

8.5 x 11 Paper Available in Two Different Packs

The paper comes in sheets of 100 which are packaged together with an actual lokta paper wrapping.

The 25 sheets are packaged with a band of Lokta paper around the center which is then packaged in a clear packaging.

Madder Root Vegetable-Dyed Natural Computer Paper

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April 25, 2017

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