Handmade Lokta Printer Paper (Sarne)

Handmade Lokta Printer Paper (Sarne)

100% Lokta Paper for Printing & Crafts

Lokta paper is one of the world’s most unique papers. Tree-free, and made by hand, Lokta paper supports a 1,000-year-old tradition of paper making in Nepal.

The paper comes from the Lokta bush which grows on the southern slopes of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal.

Cuttings from the bush do not destroy it, and the bush can grow back to full height in 5-7 years making it a sustainable resource for paper making.

This process also supports the economic growth of small villages that reside in the mountains of Nepal.

Sarne Leaf Vegetable-dyed Lokta Printer Paper

Vegetable-Dyed Lokta Computer Paper

Using a traditional dye from the Sarne leaf, the vegetable-dye process produces a beautiful green.

The sheets are immersed in the natural dye and the set to air dry against metal sheets. This process naturally produces a dark side and a light side to each sheet. Due to the handmade process and natural coloring, the paper color can vary slightly from batch to batch and season to season.

Kathmandu Valley Co. Lokta Paper Sarne

8.5 x 11 Inch Printer Paper in 25 and 100 Sheets

Available in 25 and 100 sheet packets, vegetable-dyed Lokta paper is a great way to make printing and paper projects fun again.

Sarne Leaf Vegetable-dyed Handmade Lokta Printer Paper

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April 28, 2017

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